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  • Turnkey modular buildings
  • Pre-designed floor plans
  • Manufactured to code
  • Made in the USA
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Dorms & Shelters


Prefabricated temporary housing


Fast deployment

50% faster project completion

Our modular buildings are standard buildings manufactured off-site which enables faster project completion time.

Better project schedule

Our efficient manufacturing processes help ensure accurate build time and minimize of delays or overruns.
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Cost savings

save up to 20%

Standardization, reduced labor costs, minimized waste, speed of construction, and factory-controlled manufacturing result in lower production costs.

Faster depreciation

Permanent prefabricated buildings are eligible to faster depreciation.
modular building complex

simple project delivery

hassle-free process

We developed an efficient design and project delivery framework to streamline the operations.

easy installation

Our modular buildings are designed and engineered to be easily and quickly installed by any GC while reducing cost of installation.
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High Quality code-compliant permanent building

better quality than brick and Mortar

Our modular buildings are built to code and manufactured in a controlled environment with factory-controlled quality checks resulting in consistently superior quality compared to traditional construction.

designed for harsh work and weather environments

Our units offer a high durability and resistance whatever the context while minimizing maintenance costs.
modular building complex


Lower your carbon footprint

Modular construction inherently reduces construction waste by 70% and generates less carbon emissions compared to brick and stick.

Relocatable at will

Our modular buildings are designed and engineered to be simple to decommission and relocate.
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“We've never used a modular building before and Marvel Buildings convinced us it's a great alternative to construction. Their process is efficient and their buildings top quality. Our project was completed on-time.”
Steve D.
Director of Construction - Hospitality
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Marvel Buildings aims to lead the modular construction revolution. Learn more about our vision and objectives.
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temporary housing


Learn more about our modular buildings, technical specifications, installation, and more.
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shipping container bathroom marvel buildings

Marvel Buildings Supplies Shipping Container Bathrooms to Portland's First City-Sanctioned Homeless Shelter

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Buildings Supplies Shipping Container Bathrooms, Showers, and Laundry Units to Portland's First City-Sanctioned Homeless Temporary Shelter
shipping container bathroom

Shipping Container Bathroom: Top 5 Use Cases

Discover the 5 most frequent situations where using a shipping container bathroom makes sense.


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