Shipping Container Bathroom: Top 5 Use Cases

December 7, 2021
shipping container bathroom

Providing adequate restroom facilities can be a logistical challenge for operations managers or facility directors when they’re setting up a remote operation such as a mining camp, providing facilities as part of disaster relief or assuring there are adequate sanitary facilities available at a venue for a large sporting event, concert or music festival. The best option in all of these instances is some kind of portable restrooms instead of a traditional built-in restroom. You could stick with an old stand-by such as porta-potties or restroom trailers. Better yet, you could choose an option that is becoming more popular, the shipping container bathroom.

1 – Short lead time

Based on our experience, shipping container bathrooms  make the most sense to help deal with an urgent need or when time is of the essence to accommodate either a crowd of spectators or a group of dedicated, hard-working employees. Shipping container bathrooms are built off-site and take up to 50% less time to build than traditional restrooms. That time savings is crucial when you are operating on a compressed timeline or need to have a site up and ready to go by a contractually stipulated time.

Shipping container bathrooms are turn-key, meaning they’re pretty much ready for immediate use, and are able to be delivered fast. Installation takes just a few hours. Once the single-utility connections to fresh water and sewage are hooked up, it’s a perfect solution in a timely manner, which allows you to turn your attention to other areas.

shipping container bathroom floor plan

2 – Remote location

When you need a portable restroom for remote locations or when facing extreme weather conditions,  building a traditional restroom or bringing in a restroom trailer can be complicated, if not impossible. For instance, a trailer restroom simply wouldn’t work for an oil rig or a remote operation such as a mining camp or construction site. Porta-potties, which can be uncomfortable, unpleasant and unsanitary in the best of circumstances, would not be a viable solution if weather conditions are extremely hot or cold.

Shipping container bathrooms are made out of an ISO shipping container or Conex box. Because they are built of Corten steel, they are robust and durable, capable of withstanding high wind, heavy snow and any other conditions Mother Nature can throw at them. The walls are insulated and each unit is equipped with air conditioning and heating, making them comfortable for your employees or guests. Because they are ISO shipping container, they are easily transportable by truck, rail, ship, helicopter or cargo plane. They can even be lifted into place by a forklift or crane.

shipping container bathroom

3 – Harsh work or usage conditions

Employees, customers and guests prefer comfortable, clean bathrooms, so choosing a shipping container restrooms over uncomfortable porta-potties is a smart business solution. Many women do not like using porta-potties because there is a certain feeling that they are unsanitary. You will receive high marks from women employees or guests if you use shipping container bathrooms.

Also, there is nothing worse than using a porta-potty in extreme heat, whether on a job site or at a music festival, because of the smell of sewage and sweltering temperatures because of minimal ventilation. It can be very disruptive to have a row of porta-potties emptied, as opposed to using shipping container restrooms , where the wastewater exits to a sewer system or to a much larger holding tank. Besides uses in construction, mining, oil and other industries, they are perfect to use for large catering operations and film productions. They also are a much better visual look than rows of porta-potties.

shipping container bathroom interior

4 – Minimizing on-site disruptions

A shipping container bathroom can also serve as a permanent sanitary solution to avoid operational disruptions or interruptions. Some businesses simply can’t interrupt their operations if they need to build a restroom or renovate one, particularly if needed for public facilities such as hospitals, airports or schools. Restroom trailers and porta-potties present another challenge in that they’re hard to clean. Shipping container restrooms, on the other hand, have running water and are connected to the grid or to a water tank.

shipping container bathroom interior

5 – Disaster relief and recovery

Shipping container restrooms provide a scalable sanitary solution for disaster relief or humanitarian needs when governments, local authorities or non-profit organizations need to provide sanitary solutions under difficult circumstances. When lives are at stake, leaders need to quickly react and provide services to keep citizens safe and clean. Additionally, shipping container bathrooms are convenient to use when you have no time to build, are in a remote location with harsh work and climate conditions, you deal with a large crowd or you can’t allow operations to stop or even be slowed down while worrying about providing the most sanitary restrooms possible.

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Marvel Buildings has created the Titan series to deal with these types of situations. The Titan shipping container restrooms are turnkey, mobile, scalable and hygienic restrooms made for heavy duty situations like festivals or disaster relief applications, as well as harsh-work conditions such as remote camps and oil rigs. They are available in 20′ or 40′ options, with different floor plans. They include several stalls, urinals and sinks. Several of them can be spread around a large site to help manage a crowd.. They incorporate smart design elements such as exhaust fans for odor control, high quality and durability commercial-grade fixtures, low cleaning requirement anti-bacterial flooring.  Those features make them user-friendly with a high level of comfort and convenience whatever the context or application.

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