Temporary housing

  • Cost-effective
  • Delivered in a few weeks
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Durable and resistant
  • Multiple pre-designed floor plans
Prefabricated temporary housing

Key features

Turnkey Temporary housing building

Our temporary housing buildings are prefabricated off-site are delivered pre-assembled with all MEPs and HVAC system pre-installed. The units are shipped equipped and ready-to-use.

Pre-designed floor plans and Flexible configurations

Our modular buildings can be stacked and assembled in different ways to create any multi-story building configuration. We provide several pre-designed floor plans from individual accommodation with private bathroom to shared shelters.
Prefabricated temporary housing
Prefabricated temporary housing

Durable whatever the context

Our prefabricated buildings are built with durability and resistance in mind, ensuring a high-quality and long-lasting structure. Manufactured from strong materials and assemblies, our modular buildings are designed to withstand all types of weather, so you can feel secure in your construction.

Simple Installation

Our modular housing buildings are designed to be easy and fast to install. They only require light foundation and site preparation.
Prefabricated shelter
Prefabricated shelter

COmfortable Space

We use quality material, efficient insulation, and equipment to provide a  space offeing comfort and dignity to its occupants.

Need to deploy a workforce or homeless housing camp?

We can provide a comprehensive housing solution including design, engineering, site preparation, and other support units (restrooms, showers, offices, kitchens...).
Prefabricated temporary housing


Find information about our modular buildings, technical specifications and options.
Do you have pre-designed floor plans?
Yes, we have standard models are pre-designed, and pre-engineered proven floor plans made by our in-house product team. Choosing one of our models saves you time, reduces design and engineering cost, and streamlines the process. We have multiple floor plans from individual shelters to shared spaces.
What exterior finish options do you offer?
Our modular buildings are delivered with a corrugated metal exterior finish. Customers can specify their color of choice for the paint. Our modular buildings can be finished with any type of cladding (metal, wood…) used in traditional construction.
Do you offer any support units?
Yes, we can also provide prefabricated offices, restrooms, showers, and kitchens.
What's included in your services?
When you work with our company, you deal with a vertically-integrated organization that provide design, engineering, manufacturing, shipping and on-site installation assistance services.
Are your modular housing buildings for permanent or temporary use?
Our modular housing buildings can be used both as permanent or temporary buildings.
Can you build multi-story buildings?
Yes, our buildings can be used to build multi-story buildings.


Going for a modular housing building saved us time and money. Their team made the project delivery very smooth!"
Brett F.
Construction Manager - Federal Agency
Modular housing building

Use Cases

Workforce housing

Workforce dorms

Job site

Modular housing shelters provide a cost-effective and practical solution for housing workers in long term or remote job sites, as they are quick to install and can be designed to suit any environment. Furthermore, they are sturdy and built to withstand the elements, ensuring workers have safe and comfortable living and working conditions.

Military camps

Prefabricated shelters are an easily transportable solution for the military's housing needs, allowing for quick construction and deployment for ever-changing mission objectives.
Prefabricated workforce shelter

Interim and emergency shelters

Prefabricated homeless shelter

Homeless shelter

Prefabricated shelters are an economical and efficient answer to homelessness, providing a rapid and scalable housing option for people while offering a feeling of safety, stability, and dignity to those in need.

Disaster relief

Modular shelters provide a fast and cost-effective solution for disaster relief and recovery, as they can be easily transported and quickly installed in affected areas to provide an emergency housing response to displaced individuals and families.
temporary housing


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