Turnkey Shipping Container Showers

  • Ready-to-use showers
  • Simple and quick install
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • High resistance and durability
Shipping container showers

Key features

Turnkey shipping container showers

Our prefabricated showers come preassembled and pre-equipped with everything necessary for either short-term or long-term use.

durable & resistant to harsh work conditions

Our shipping container showers offer a superior quality to restroom trailers.  We use the highest quality commercial grade materials and fixtures to ensure they're able to withstand extreme weather and work conditions.
Shipping container shower

comfort of home

Our shipping container showers are outfitted with top-notch commercial grade shower fixtures, air conditioning, ventilation, a water heater, and LED lighting to offer staff and customers a comfortable shower experience.
shipping container showers

Easy and fast to deploy

Our shipping container showers are convenient and reliable, boasting high quality design even in remote locations. With our innovative utility connection point and minimal site preparation requirements, they are fit for any context imaginable.
shipping container showers

easy to maintain & clean

Our showers are designed for lasting durability and minimal upkeep with features such as anti-bacterial floors, FRP panels, coved corners and premium fixtures which prevent water and dirt build-up while also offering easy-to-clean surfaces.  This makes them an ideal choice for any location where long-term usability and low maintenance are essential.
shipping container showers

choose from our turnkey shipping container shower floor plans

We offer a wide range of floor plan options whatever your industry, location, climate or volume of service.


Find more information about our company, products, and technical specifications.
Why choose one of your standard floor plans?
Our standard floor plans  are pre-designed, and pre-engineered proven models  made by our in-house product team. Choosing one of our models saves you time, reduces design and engineering cost, and simplifies your customer experience, while benefiting from our valuable design, engineering and manufacturing experience. We have a large library of models, ask our team for more information.
Can I make changes to your standard floor plans? Do you offer any options?
Yes, we have a set of available options and changes that can be made to our standard floor plans. Ask our sales team.
Are you shipping container showers for permanent or temporary use?
Our shipping container showers can be used for both permanent and temporary applications.
Do you have off-grid showers?
Yes, we can provide off-grid showers with self-contained water tanks.
Do you offer warranty?
Yes, we offer a warranty on the building and the fixtures. Contact our team for more details.


Marvel Buildings' shipping container showers gave our remote jobsite the comfort and convenience of showers at home.
Brett F.
Site Manager
shipping container showers

case studies

shipping container showers

City of Portland

The need

As part of a village shelter, the City of Portland urgently needed shower facilities for 100 people. The objective was to provide comfortable inclusive ADA compliant showers while being durable and easy to maintain.

The solution

Marvel Buildings provided 3 shipping container showers in 4 weeks. The units were designed to resist harsh usage conditions.
shipping container shower

US Army

shipping container showers

The need

A US Army base located in Alaska requested a shower unit. They needed high quality unit that could withstand extreme cold conditions.

The solution

Marvel Buildings delivered a shipping container restroom with a high insulation R-value to support the local climate conditions while providing comfort to the troops.
shipping container showers off grid


shipping container bathroom marvel buildings

Marvel Buildings Supplies Shipping Container Bathrooms to Portland's First City-Sanctioned Homeless Shelter

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Buildings Supplies Shipping Container Bathrooms, Showers, and Laundry Units to Portland's First City-Sanctioned Homeless Temporary Shelter
shipping container bathroom

Shipping Container Bathroom: Top 5 Use Cases

Discover the 5 most frequent situations where using a shipping container bathroom makes sense.


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